RAMADAN~~[The month of love and mercy]

Month of mercy, blessings and forgiveness.

RAMADAN~~[The month of love and mercy]

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds and the choicest of blessings be upon the greatest of Prophets, the Cloud of mercies from Allah the Majestic, Our Master, Muhammad S.A.W, his priceless Family and selfless Companions, people of piety and bravery.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. As we prepare to engage inthe upcoming Ramadan fasting Inshaa Allah, I have for you here, an acoustic poem that educates us on Ramadan regarding its virtues and blessings of which we the nation of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W have been honoured with unlike other nations before us. Let’s learn from this and make judicious use of the blessed month of Ramadan as we are not guaranteed the next. May Allah make us part of those who shall benefit from this blessed month in this world and the next life, Ameen. Below is the acoustic poem titled RAMADAN;



Ramadan is greater than all months

As Allah is greater than all creatures

Mercies I see oozing from this month

All the devils are chained,

Doors of paradise are all opened

And those of Hell-fire are closed

Not all have I mentioned, so follow me


Revealed in it was the Holy Qur’an

Addressed as the Mother of all books.

Making supplications are much accepted

And this is without delay and obstruction.

Don’t miss out in this blessed month

And the Night of Decree is found in it

Night that is better than thousand months



Relief I found brought to us.

And lots of burdens lifted from us.

Muhammad is the reason for all this.

Allah truly loves His dearest Prophet.

Don’t be a loser in not benefitting from it.

Ahmad’s nation is truly special

Never is anyone going to surpass us in greatness.


By: Musah Issahaku (Abu Ishaq Annabahani)