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Week 3 Infant-Life-Of-Prophet-Mohammed | Duktur Awal

The sole reason for the success of Mohammed was that he was sent with a pure message from Allah, the creator of all mankind. This message would help us understand how to live our lives. It would tell us about good and bad and about wrong and right. This message would tell us about mankind (about you and me), the universe and the rest of creation around us. This message would tell us about Allah and about our relationship with Allah. The message also told us about the Hereafter, the Day of Judgment, Heaven and Hell.

The Holy Prophet Mohammed (s) spent the first five years of his life with Halima and then she returned him to his mother, Amina. His mother brought him up with great love and devotion. When he was about six years old, she took him to Madina for a few days. On her return journey, however, she breathed her last on the way. After this his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib took him into his care.

Abd al-Muttalib loved his orphaned grandchild very much and was very kind to him. However, he too, expired after two years.

Now the Holy Prophet began to live with his uncle Abu Talib. Fatima, daughter of Asad, who was the wife of Abu Talib loved Mohammed (a) as if he were her own son. Abu Talib, too, was very good to him. When he undertook a journey for the purpose of trade, he took his young nephew along with him.

As Mohammed (a) acquired, under the guidance of his uncle, fair knowledge and experience of business, and was well spoken of by persons who happened to come in touch with him, some traders engaged him as their representative to conduct important business affairs on their behalf. Muhammad (a) so successfully executed these trusts that people were perfectly satisfied with his honesty. The people, therefore, respected him very much and used to call him Sadiq (the truthful) and Amin (the trustworthy).


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