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Bid-ah[innovations]-powerful lecture by Afa Saeed

The issue of Bid-ah or innovations in religion is a hotly debated one in current times.  It has been argued, sometimes with much vigour and polemic that practises in the religion of Islam that were not current at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or his companions and should be rejected and could even lead to kufr or disbelief.  It has been the opinion of the vast majority of the Ulama throughout the ages that there is Bid’ah is of two types, that which is permissible, and that which is not.  It is the purpose of this article to reiterate the correct position, that innovations or newly introduced practises in the Deen of Islam can not only be permissible, but also rewarded, hopefully providing clarification to the many people who have been confused about the issue.




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