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Week 09 Seerah Challenges faced in Meccah | Duktur Awal

The persecution of prophet (SAW) and his Sahaba (companions) was a terrible face in early Islam. As Prophet (saw) began preaching Islam, more and more people entered the folds of Islam. The Kufar felt threatened and began to harass prophet (saw0 and opposing him and ridiculing and jeering at him all the times.

Makkan’s foremost way of opposing Prophet (saw) was to spread lies and rumors about him, calling him mad man, poet etc. The Kufar launched campaign dubbing Prophet (saw) and ridiculing at time. When ever they encounter Prophet (saw), they would says “ This is the man who decries our gods” Once the wicked people assembled in the street, pointing at prophet (saw) slightingly as he passed, “ There goes the fellow from among the sons of Abdul Muttalib, who spent speaks about the heavens”

When ever Prophet (saw) tried to preach a group, the pagans would disperse the crowd before he had chance to convey his message. To divert people from Qur’an, Nadie Bin Harith brought legends of Dara, Alexandra and Isfandyar which he would narrate, wherever he saw Prophet (saw) preaching.

Mean while, The kufar invented a new way of abusing Prophet (saw) by calling him Muhammam instead of Muhammad, The meaning of which is opposite of his original name as Muhammad means “ praiseworthy” , while Mudhammam means one who is “vehemently condemned”

When Kufar failed in stamping out Islam by mocking the prophet (saw) or diverting his attention from his teaching. They started to torture him Physically. They threw dirt and filth at him. His path was strewed with thrones and brambles, and he was even pelted with stones.

Once Prophet was praying near Ka’bah while Abu Jahl and his comrades were sitting near by him. Meanwhile, Abu Jahl asked the others, “ Is there one who will bring the innards of camel of Banu and so and place it on Muhammad’s Back while he prostrating in prayer” Uqba bin Abi Mu’ayt, anxious to prove his daring, got up and returned with the intestines of slaughtered camel. He stayed to the side to the side until he saw the opportunity to catch the prophet (saw) in prostration, when prophet (saw) bowed his head to earth, Uqba laid the intestine on Prophet’s back neck and shoulder. Prophet remained in that condition until Famita (r) come and removed that filth from her Father’s back.

On other occasion, Ubqa saw Prophet (saw) praying and waited for him to place his forehead on the ground. He the placed his foot on prophet’s neck and pressed down with all his weight until Prophet Eyes bulged. Once Prophet was praying in Kaabah, a makkan rolled his sheet round the neck of prophet (saw0 and tried to strangulated him.


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