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Allah’s Creation | Afa Issah Bello

After creating earth, Allah created many living things on it. One of these living things is the human being. We told you earlier how the human being was created. There are beings other than humans on this planet. These are the animals and plants.

In this section, we will explain the amazing features of some of these animals and plants. Some of these could be animals that you see everyday when you are out for a walk, playing in the backyard or sitting on the terrace. You probably haven’t given a lot of thought to their unique features.

When Allah creates people, He gives them some features to constantly remind them of Him. For example, you can see the pictures of a human and a mosquito on this page. The mosquito is thousands of times smaller than the human. But, no matter what, the human is totally defenceless against the mosquito while sleeping in bed. Whatever she does, she will not be able to prevent the mosquito from biting. Allah has given the mosquito many special features, even though it is a lot smaller than the human being. As a result of this, He wants humans to ponder. He wants them to understand that humans can do nothing, even against a mosquito, without His wish. In this way, human beings should realise that they have absolutely no power in front of Allah.



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