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Pains afflicted on the prophet in Mecca Seerah week 12 | Duktur Awal (breadthtaking)

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The pains started when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) started acknowledging and preaching Islam.The natives of Mecca got aggravated. At that time, Meccans were ignorant and backwards, worshiping idols and reluctant to hear the message of Islam. The natives of Mecca held prejudiced beliefs against the Prophet (SAW) and insisted on ridding Mecca of him. They would alienate and abuse him on a day to day basis.

Many times the Holy Prophet (SAW) couldn’t even step out of his house, because the leaders of Mecca had set out traps for him. Even though there were so many challenges to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) staying and preaching in Mecca, he still continued to spread the word about Islam. His undying belief in Allah (SWT) is the most valued example of faith in the history of Islam: even in these circumstances, the Holy Prophet (SAW) remained steadfast and did not shun those causing him intense pain, but instead prayed to Allah (SWT) to guide them to the right path.His pains were breadth taking





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