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About Us

About the website

This website is aimed at giving out Dagbani audio lectures of various scholars in the northern part of Ghana.It is incoporated with various heads of institutions in that sector.Just so that Ghanaians abroad
that don’t have access to local lectures from these scholars may now access them on the internet worldwide.We hope to promote the Deen through the use of modern technology,and also make it possible to bring out related websites where we make our very own scholars popularly known to the worldand also increase their brand in the world of Islam.<p>We don’t base our site on sections,infact all faiths in the Northern part of Ghana are considered,provided you present your content to us to publish on our Website.It is updated every day and we also promise to notify you about the future of the websites as it has just begun its journey.May the almighty Allah help us all!!.

Our Mission

Our most important goal is to promote the religion of Islam through dawah using modern technology.We also concern much on presenting our local scholars to the world through the internet.We are not a concrete body yet but it is our hope that the general public appreciate our effort and come out with helping hands in promoting this website

Future of the Website

The website is very young and wishes to grow. these are the proposed vision towards the future of the website and what the general public should expect:

  • Hosting of live Islamic events on the site
  • Source for Islamic books by our local scholars
  • Quranic recitation by our locals
  • Nasheed alongside the audio Islamic Lectures
  • Daily Islamic quotes for motivation
  • Hadith and verse of the day

Meet The Team

Nurideen Yahuza
photo of Nurideen Yahuza

Nurideen Yahuza


Nurideen Yahuza is young web developer who resides in the northern part of Ghana.He is very passionate about computers and dedicates all his efforts to the growth of Islam through web technology and other platforms.He initiated the website in 2017 and was finally launched in April 2018.




Yahaya Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit Yahaya

(System Administrator)

I’m a website developer, Graphic designer, computer hardware and software technician and a current student of Tamale Technical University (TaTU).We worked side by side on every part of the website to build up this project.




Abu Marzuk
Abu Marzuk



Abu Marzuk

(Assisting Blogger)

Is a hardworking geek who attends Tamale Senior High School.His effort and dedication to the growth of the site has helped in bringing the site thus far.


  • Nurideen Yahuza

    I am an open-minded, friendly and resourceful individual with a sound and optimistic outlook on all things in life. I possess an excellent ability to motivate others, coupled with the ability to communicate comfortably at all levels, therefore ensuring an excellent working environment for all members of my team to perform at their bests